When Should I Review My Coverage?

In One Sentence

Medicare members should review their coverage in the fall during Annual Enrollment Period or when special circumstances occur. 

The Basics

Annual Enrollment Period or “AEP” gives Medicare members a chance to review their Part C and Part D coverage each fall. At Pelorus, we conduct thousands of AEP reviews on behalf of our clients, and we encourage those with Medicare to review their insurance at least every few years given the high likelihood of change in the market and in a member’s life. Medicare enrollees can experience special situations that affect their access to Part C and D coverage. Often, these enrollees can respond by transitioning to new Advantage Plan or drug coverage under a Special Enrollment Period, which typically lasts 60 days before and after the date of the special situation. Other Medicare members may choose to review and switch their Part C plans after the new year during Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period or take advantage of a plan’s high CMS star rating.  

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