Client Testimonials

Bill & Jane, clients since 2015

My wife and I have been using the staff at Pelorus for 7 years now for support and advice for choosing our Medicare and prescription needs. Annually they review the list of pills that we require and suggest the best plan for us that particular year. They have proven to be a valuable and solid resource for our needs.

Rick & Joyce, clients since 2020

As we began preparing for the next chapter of our lives with excitement there was also a little apprehension. So much change. So many decisions. The biggest concern was the change to Medicare. So many options, so many plans, which one was right for us? Which ones were our doctors in network with? Would we be able to get our prescriptions and afford them? Could we get vision and dental care? 

Here is where Shane and Pelorus Financial came in. They did all the research for us. They took out all the guesswork and helped us choose the Medicare plan that was right for us. We were so glad we did not have to tackle that daunting task alone.

Jonathan, client since 2021

I have offered to write this snippet regarding my experience with Pelorus Financial and specifically Andrew Preston, without any request or provocation from Andy or his Pelorus.

About two years ago, my wife and I enlisted the support of our financial advisor in Toledo, OH, regarding preparation and planning for enrollment in Medicare.  Our advisor referred us to a local expert and, suffice to say, it was a disastrous experience.  Not only was he a lightweight when it came to knowledge regarding Medicare and SSA, but he actually provided us with incorrect information which came very close to causing some near disastrous outcomes regarding our health insurance decisions and adverse financial ramifications. 

When I informed my financial advisor of our totally unacceptable experience with the individual, he then referred us to Andy and Pelorus Financial.  Although my professional background included over 30 years as a healthcare executive, managing hospitals and large medical groups, this career path tends to make individuals such as myself relative generalists in the industry, so my knowledge of personal health insurance issues for my wife and me was extremely limited. 

From the outset of our relationship, Andy displayed extreme technical expertise in all areas of health insurance, including Medicare, supplemental insurance, as well as the specific provisions of my wife's existing commercial insurance through her employer.  His knowledge and responsiveness to our issues and concerns, in addition to all of the nuances related to these myriad insurance matters, was - quite simply - remarkable.  Having been a customer service zealot my entire professional life, please understand the significance of me saying that Andy truly hit the ball out of the park and continues to do so on an as-needed basis.  Our comfort level and security are at an absolute maximum,  knowing that we are in the best possible hands when it comes to any and all of our insurance matters, coverages, denials, resubmissions and any other related matters that may present themselves.

Elspeth, client since 2021

My representative Justin has patiently helped me over a few years - from setting me up with my Medicare benefits to helping me find doctors in my network. He is very easy to contact and he calls back in a timely manner. [He] tries to answer all my questions and concerns and let me know what is a better option. I would highly recommend this firm.

Dale & Karen, clients since 2019

My wife Karen had a problem with [her] insurance. She was charged a $50 fee that the [insurance company’s Explanation of Benefits or “EOB”] said we didn’t owe. After many attempts on our part to correct the problem, over a year’s time, we were sent to a collections agency. 

We tried many times to get customer service for some help. All they would say is, “You don’t owe the money.” I don’t think they even know what a collections agency is. We sent an EOB to them and had several phone calls. Still the bills kept coming. Now $75. I didn’t know how to correct the problem so I called Mrs. Tucker. She got our information [and] had us call customer service one more time. Once again, they said we don’t owe the money, then [the customer service representative] went to check with his boss to make sure. Thirty minutes later, he came back and said, “You don’t owe the money.” I called Mrs. Tucker back. She then set up a plan for us to talk to the doctor’s office along with her. She then had us hang up and she talked to the doctor’s office and called us back when she was done. She told us to call if there were any more problems. We called the doctor’s office several days later, and we didn’t owe anything. Wow. One phone call after we spent so much time over a $50 bill. It was very nice to see Mrs. Tucker had our back, and my wife and I would like to say if she goes to bat for all your customers like she did for us she should get a big raise this year and every year.

Barb, client since 2017

I am so glad I have chosen your company to meet all my financial and health needs. Great job. Kind words of encouragement are easy to say when they are true. I tell everyone to go to you for honesty is a virtue lost.

Mary, client since 2020

Joshua, I wanted to say thank you again for the much needed help with my sister’s Medicare situation. You explained everything so clearly to us. We appreciated the time you spent with us and did not feel rushed to make decisions. We will be recommending Pelorus Financial and you, Joshua, to our friends and family!

Nancy, client since 2022

Finding the right Medicare plan was an easy process with the help of Pelorus Financial. One phone call connected me with an advisor who actually came to me to get things started. Kristen clearly explained my choices and gave me lots of time to make my decision. There was never any pressure. I’m very happy with the plan I chose and I know that I can always call the office if I ever have questions. I highly recommend Pelorus Financial Group.

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